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Your online information is getting sold for only 3,500 rupees !

Your online information is getting sold for only 3,500 rupees!

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Your online information is getting sold for only 3,500 rupees !

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If you are concerned about the security of your sensitive data then beware of the free service website. Most of the websites offering free games, dating, or free plans are selling your data stealthily. If a website is offering you free service and still you are asking to share your debit / credit card shares, do you know that from your banking information, your e-mail ID, photo or study- The hacker buys the information upto 3500 rupees for information.

Your password for your personal photo or any site is up to a rupee per information. If you upload photos / videos of intimate moments with your partner on a site or social media platform, then the hackers are ready to pay the price for it. Not only this, if you enter your Detel Resume on a website to get a job, then your profile information is sold to credit card / insurance / real estate companies for hundreds of rupees. The next time you start sharing your personal information somewhere, you will be very careful about what kind of problems you can get because of this. According to a recent report released by Kaspersky Lab, it is still safe to provide information on popular apps like Uber, Netflix, Spotify. If you share your information on a website that offers free gaming websites, dating apps and pornography, then it is stealing all your bank accounts. A senior official at the Casparsky lab said, “In this time when people spend their time online, data hacking is a big threat to all of us.” Theft of data is used for many social evils. ” It includes data stolen from social media, data stolen from a website like bank information, desktops, servers and Uber, Netflix. The very famous website does not tamper with your data, but here also your bank and credit card information can be stolen.

Who is the most threat?

If you also keep the same password for all the online sites, then you are the most vulnerable to hackers. It is not prudent to have multiple accounts in one password. At the same time, you also need to change your password from time to time. If hacker access becomes an account, then they can access your remaining accounts. In fact, keeping a similar password makes you easy to hacker.

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Information is being sold for less than a dollar

Info hackers pay 40 paisa for every photo, contact and message. All payments are made through virtual currency cryptoconference. Up to $ 900 can be paid for porn clips available online. Because of this, many apps downloaded in the mobile phone have created the risk of leaking people’s confidential information.


They Share to the third party

The information that you actually share on a website is stored on a server. Companies will share data with third parties. Another report claimed that there are fake major apps of 7 major banks present on the Google Play Store that are stealing data of millions of customers and sending them to hackers. Among the banks which have been bribed in the report, the State Bank of India (SBI), ICICI Bank, Axis Bank, Citibank, Indian Overseas Bank, Bank of Baroda and Yes Bank are the major ones.

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