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What Is SIM-Swap | How Do Fraudsters Make Your Account Empty | Know Ways To Avoid It

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What Is SIM-Swap: How Do Fraudsters Make Your Account Empty, Know Ways To Avoid ItWhat Is SIM-Swap

What Is SIM-Swap: Technology has made our work easier, but it also has its own dangers. In the recent times almost everyone has a smartphone, we are taking many facilities like ticket booking, hotel booking, banking services through smartphone. Smartphone means the world in the fist, the news of the world in the fist, but it is also creating the same risk and scams on internet. Smartphones have all such information that can harm us. In this, fraudsters are helped by sim cloning or sim swapping. Let’s know in this news what is SIM cloning or SIM swapping, and how to avoid it.

What is SIM swapping?

What is SIM-Swap: Cyber-crime can be easily done through SIM cloning or SIM swapping. Actually, the fraudster prepares duplicate of your SIM, SIM swap means that he exchanges the SIM. A new SIM is registered by your phone number. After this, your SIM turns off. Then through the OTP registered on your number, anyone can clear your account money.

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How to avoid SIM Swapping?sim swap

What Is SIM-Swap: Here are some ways to avoid SIM Swapping:

• If the network on your SIM is not good, neither there are any phone calls on your phone nor any alert, then immediately complain to your mobile operators. 

• Do not forget your mobile number and put it on social media. If you feel that your number is being used for SIM swapping, then immediately contact your mobile operators.

• If you are having a lot of unknown calls then do not turn off your cell phone. Actually, it is also possible that it can be a trick of the fraudster that if you go to more phones then switch off the mobile and you cannot detect the tampering in your network.

• You should periodically check your bank statement and online banking transaction history to identify any problems or irregularities.

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