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Tik Tok Ban In India | Know How TikTok Star Earns Money For Making Videos On TikTok

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Tik Tok Ban In India: Know How TikTok Star Earns Money For Making Videos On TikTok

Tik Tok Ban In India: The Government of India has banned video content based application Tik. Tiktok, for a long time, was being opposed to the ongoing campaign to boycott its content and Chinese goods. Now after the tension on the Indo-China border, its opposition had increased and people started deleting the app as renting fell. But Tiktok was quite famous in India and many people earned a lot of money from it as well.tik tok ban in india

TikTok is a platform where everyone can share their videos. After that, other users can like the video, comment, and follow anyone. Users try to increase their followers so that they can earn from it. Smartphone users can create and share short videos (up to 15 seconds) through Tiktok.

TikTok’s popularity is quite high and in 2019, Tiktok was the highest downloaded after WhatsApp worldwide. Its international version has been downloaded by more than 1 billion people. If we talk about India only, then the number of downloads of Tiktok is more than 100 million. In such a situation, let us tell you how people used to make money from Tiktok…

1. First Way

People who have more followers can also add their other social media accounts, YouTube, and Instagram account to it. By doing this, people also connect to their YouTube and the views of YouTube videos also increase, so that the user can also increase their revenue from YouTube.tik tok ban

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2. Second Way- Promote Brand Content

People who have more followers, are approached by the company and are asked to promote brand content and this benefits both the company and the user. In such a situation, people try to increase their followers so that they can promote brand content. Brand content can also be promoted directly while promoting hashtags. In such a situation, users use those hashtags with their videos.

3. Third Way- Using Company’s Product In Their Video

Many users talk to the company at their own level and make money by using them in their products. This promotes the company directly to the public and makes it much cheaper. Talking about the earnings of the user, it is decided by looking at the views, likes, comments, and share ratios. 

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