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Some Interesting Facts: Do You Know Some Cool Facts

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Everyone loves a surprising and some interesting facts that makes you question the world around you challenging your assumptions and long-held beliefs and ultimately proving that there’s never a time in your life when you stop learning. But you know what everyone loves even more than a fun fact? Well, a fun fact so surprising and interesting that you stop dead in your tracks to say, “Holy smokes! Really?Cool Facts

To help you channel that feeling once more—OK, a full one hundred times!—we’ve compiled here the most interesting facts we could find in every genre imaginable that are guaranteed to stoke your curiosity. So read on, and enjoy! And once you’ve picked your jaw up off the floor, don’t miss these the most powerful person in the world 2019

 Some Cool Facts, Some Interesting Facts

Do You Know Some Interesting Facts: Read Out Cool Facts

  1. When sugar is applied to the injury, the pain is reduced immediately …
  2. More tension can stop your brain for some time …
  3. 92% of people just laugh when they do not understand the front thing.
  4. Butt can strike his half-minded mind while half of his brain stays.
  5. Nobody can kill yourself by stop breathing.
  6. According to the study: Most smart people talk to themselves.
  7. A glass of cold water instead of a cup of tea in the morning opens up your sleep fast.
  8. People sleeping with socks wake up very often or do not wake up at night.
  9. Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg has no college degree.
  10. If someone is staring at you, then you feel yourself, even if you are sleepy
  11. The most commonly used password in the world is 123456.
  12. 85% people think before they sleep that they want to do in their life.
  13. People who are happy, spend more money than those who are upset.
  14. Reading and dreaming is the verb of the different parts of our brain. That is why we can not read in the dream.
  15. If the size of an ant is equal to one person, then he will run twice faster than the car.
  16. You can not stop thinking.
  17. Ants never sleep.
  18. Elephant is the only animal that can not jump.
  19. Tongue is the strongest muscle in our body.
  20. Neil Armstrong had his left foot on the moon before, while his heart was 156 times in a minute.
  21. Due to the earth’s gravitational force it is not possible to elevate the mountains from 15,000 meters.
  22. Honey is never poor quality for thousands of years.
  23. The heart of the sea crab is in its head.
  24. Some insects eat themselves when they do not get food.
  25. Heartbeat stops for 1 milli secs while sneezing.
  26. It is impossible to wake up more than 11 consecutive days.
  27. There is so much iron in our body that it can be made from 1 inch long nail.
  28. Bill Gates earns about 12,000 rupees in 1 second.
  29. You will never remember where your dream started.
  30. Every second 100 times sky power falls on the ground.
  31. Kangaroo can not turn upside down.
  32. 80% on the internet comes from traffic search engine.
  33. The age of a squirrel is 9 years
  34. We have 200 hair fall everyday.
  35. Our left foot is bigger than our right foot.
  36. A squirrel’s teeth always grow.
  37. The world’s 100 richest people earn so much in a year that the world
    Poverty can be eliminated 4 times.
  38. A cockroach can survive for several days after cutting the head
  39. Lighter was invented before matchbox.
  40. Rupees are not made from paper but are made from cotton.
  41. Women’s shirt buttons are on the left while men’s shirt buttons are on the right
  42. The human brain has 80% water.
  43. Man’s blood can be stored for 21 days.
  44. The upper jaw of the tooth is the strongest part of our body.
  45. There are more than 25 thousand feathers on the body of the swan.
  46. There are so many species of apples in the world that if an apple is eaten every day, it will take 20 years for every apple to eat.
  47. There is so much storage capacity of human brain that more than five times as much information as possible on Wikipedia can save the mind.
  48. There is no reservation for recruitment in the Indian Army.
  49. The temperature inside the Earth is equal to the temperature of the sun.
  50. There is no smell in sweat, odor is due to the bacteria present on the body.

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