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Some Interesting Facts Will Blow Your Mind

Learn Some Facts, Grow Your Knowledge.

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Some Interesting Facts Will Blow Your Mind

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On what basis does the Indian Censor Board issue U or A certificate to any film?

The Central Board of Film Certification Board or the Indian Censor Board (1952) is the body in India to hold rights to review films, TV serials, TV commercials and various visual materials. That is, it gives certificates to all those programs which are shown in the middle of the public. And (adult) or A; The certificate is given to the movie which is obscene and such a film can be seen only by adults, 18 years of age or older.

When and how did kite flying start in India

Did you know that the history of flying kite is about 2000 years old. It is believed that the first kite was invented in China. There are different assumptions about its invention. Chinese pilgrims brought F Hien and Huin Tsang kite to India. In this article, we will study the history of kites, how it became famous in India and how often it is flown in India.

Learn how Swami Vivekananda died

There is no secret about the fact that Swami Vivekananda died in 1902 AD. But we all do not know the real reasons behind their demise. In this article, we are trying to find out various theories about Swami Vivekananda’s death along with some unknown aspects related to his life.

India’s 5 railway lines that are built on inaccessible routes

There are also places in India where many times, techniques and difficulties were encountered in reaching the rail. But along with technological advances, the railway is also developing and many such remote places are being connected to the railways so that traffic congestion is not there. Let us study about 5 such railway routes through this article which are built or are becoming inaccessible places.

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What are the weather’s red, orange and yellow alerts and when are they released?

Alert, Orange Alert, Yellow Alert and Green Alert are issued to warn the Meteorological Department. Colors are chosen in conjunction with many agencies to warn. These alerts are issued based on the severity of weather. That is, the color keeps changing through fear.

What is the US government shutdown?

Do you know what the government shutdown in the US is, why and how? What is the consequence of the shutdown, what is the outcome, how it affects the world, whether it affects the world economy, etc. Let’s study through this article.

What are the laws to avoid false FIR?

Do you know what FIR is, why it has been, many times it has been seen that someone makes a false FIR in anger, mutual contempt for avenge someone. In such a situation, how can a person who is filmed for false FIRs be saved? There are some laws in India under which he can save himself. Let us study through this article that what are the laws to avoid false FIR?

Know when the invention of the clock, who and what country did it?

The clock used in the present time has not been invented at one time. If someone made the first hour of needle, then some minute needle. Thus, the clock has developed in many phases in the world. When the watch was not invented, people used to know the time on the basis of sunlight and water fluctuations. In this article we have told about the entire history of the clock.

Learn about the 10 most dangerous jails of the world

We all know that inmates are imprisoned inmates of dangerous prisoners. When there was British rule in India, blacksmiths were punished for torturing the Indians and it was considered a very dangerous punishment. There are many prisons in the world which are quite dangerous and the prisoners are scared by their name. Let’s study about the dangerous prisons of such 10 world through this article.

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Which are the world’s most dangerous 9 railroads

All of you must have traveled in the train ever, sometimes the train passes through the tunnel and then passes through the bridge. But there are also railroads in the world which either pass through the market or from the airport runway. Let’s study some of these dangerous railroads through this article.

What does A / F mean on the car’s number plate?

Every vehicle must be registered under the Motor Vehicles Act of 1989. The driving of a registration number without any registration is considered illegal. Whenever a car comes out of the showroom, two-wheeler, tricycle or four wheel etc., then it is given a temperate number. If a train is not given a temporary number then a / F is written on its number plate.

What is the difference between IPC and CrPC?

Do you know about the IPC and the CrPC, under which processes the offender is arrested, the punishment for which crime is held, how long the culprit is kept in jail, when presented in front of the judge Is, and so on. Let us study about the difference between the IPC and the CrPC through this article.

In India’s courts, why are the witnesses sworn?

In independent India, the practice of swearing by keeping hands on the holy book was going on till 1957, but this practice ended in 1969 when the ‘Oaths Act, 1969’ was formed. Now in the courts of India, no books are sworn by placing my hand on the book, but only one God / God / Ishu / Nanak is sworn in remembering that whatever the witness will say the truth will speak.

What is Kartarpur corridor? How will India and Pakistan benefit from this?

Kartarpur Sahib is the holy shrine place of Sikhs and the place of residence of Guru Nanak Dev ji. Here he had his last breath These places are about 3-4 kilometers from the border of India in Pakistan. Visitors visit India with the help of binoculars. With the consent of both governments, the Kartarpur Sahib Corridor is being constructed now. Do you know about it Why and where it is being formed, what will be the benefit of India and Pakistan, etc. Let us study through this article.



How many years of life sentence is there in India?

Age imprisonment or life imprisonment is meant only for life. But many times you have seen or heard that the prisoner gets life imprisonment for 14 or 20 years even after getting life imprisonment. Why and how? Then life sentence is for how many years. Let’s study through this article.


How many high courts are there in India and when they were established?

According to Article 214 of the Constitution, there is a provision of a High Court for each State. At the state level, the strongest judicial power lies in the High Court in the country. But do you know how many high courts are in India and where they are located. When they were established etc. Let’s study through this article.


How does the Supreme Court decide the status of judges?

The Supreme Court was established on January 26, 1950. Chief Justice and other judges are appointed by the President. But do you know how it is decided that who will be the senior judge in the Supreme Court? How is this decided? On what basis does the government issue an appointment warrant to the judge? Etc. Let us study through this article.

Do you know what happens after the clothes worn in Bollywood movies?

The producers of that film are entitled to the clothes used in the films. Many times these clothes are auctioned for charity and the money received from them is used for social service. A fan of Salman bought his towel for 1.5 lakhs. Salman used this towel in the movie ‘Mujhe Maran Karogi’.

Features of modern “Train T-18” like India’s America and Japan

Indian Railways is Asia’s largest rail network and the fourth largest rail network in the world. But in the world Indian Railways is known for running sluggish speed and dirt. But now the Indian government has planned to run a T-18 train to replace this tag of railway. Soon this train will be conducted on the Ahmedabad railway line.

When and why did India and America launch an intelligence mission “Nanda Devi”?

After China conducted nuclear tests in 1964 in the Sinjian province, after which the US intelligence agency CIA and the intelligence department of India had decided to impose a monitoring device on the Nanda Devi Mountains of India to monitor China’s nuclear activities. In the year 1965, the mission of Nanda Devi was to install 56 kilograms of weights on Nanda Devi mountain, in which about 10 feet high antenna and the most egoic power generator (SMEP system), plutonium capsules, generators, two transmitters and radio vendors Antenna was included.

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