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Sex Life | Sex Science – The Science of Sexual Arousal

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In this world, there will be no happier than the person who has made his partner happy during sex life. Although women are not able to speak openly about this. Although they may say a little bit of a lack of affection on a lot of love, in reality, this is a lot more often, especially in Indian society, it is not considered good to talk about women’s sexuality in particular. Let’s discuss a few tips for having better Sex Life & Sex Sciencesex life

First thing … which will increase the enjoyment of sex …

. The most important thing is that you always keep in mind that where is your partner’s clitoris (clitoris)? It’s all in front of you. If you want to increase the happiness of sex, then do not take the risk of not recognizing it. Always keep in mind that it is right, neither is it above nor below it. Focus on your attention completely and enjoy playing with it for a long time.study sex life

Also do this, to stimulate your partner:

Some dirty ones will be bitten …. Some women are very excited if they start to become sensual even in their fantasies. So, take a few dirty points about what you two are going to do together. If possible, encourage your partner also for this work, because doing so, the biggest sex organ of both of you will activate ‘Your Brain’ for sex and will be fully excited.sex with partner

If you have oral sex then:

Many women and men prefer oral sex too. Therefore, if men do this, then get wet first because staying dry will not only trouble your partner but also make trouble. Ensure that if you are putting your tongue in the companion’s vagina then it is wet enough by your saliva. Your dry tongue can cause itching in the vagina of the partner or injure it.

How to Be Sensitive During Sex:

Look at your hands… Keep in mind that you work as a headlight between you and your partner … put such hands as if you are putting a light. Usually, we do not like what we do not like, we tell our gestures that do not do this.
So keep in mind that how much you have been excited, but do not swing the woman’s nipples loudly, do not press them or cut them off your mouth. This is the most sensitive part of a woman, so love them with such sensitivity.healthy sex life

Aha! What a pleasant touch …

Sometimes a slight touch communicates stimuli to your partner. … and you can also guess this pleasant touch with his physical actions. Do not try to rubbish at all.
During sex, choking with delicate organs by light-handed is very effective. A little kiss of your lips is better. So do not lick your tongue like Labrador Retriever. This can also cause anger to your partner.

This is also a predictive love:

Do something like munching very lightly. That means you can use your teeth lightly somewhere. But keep in mind it is to increase the excitement not to increase the pain.
Do you know what the female partner feels best? She does not love the person but is worshiped, which, in turn, kisses fingers and feet of his hand with love in turn and kisses. Men should do this as if their mouth is made of asbestos and women are burning in love.

Look, but with Love:

When you are getting ready for sex then do not allow stress to dominate you at that time. If you start seeing a woman deep and concentrated, then she will feel as if you are making some plans in your mind, she is not loving her.
So whenever you look at your partner, with a slight smile. Appreciate her with love. The effect of your look should be so much that the sensation spread throughout your partner’s body. Then see how much he feels.lovely couples sex

How to give your partner the Love of Fuel:

Never forget your beloved’s nipples. Anyway, the most attractive organs of the woman, where the men’s eyes are most likely to be, they are only breastmilk. Keep your hands on the nipples before reaching the vagina of the woman, that is, the first step of your love. … and then slowly move to the last step.pleasure of sex

How to improve your Sex power naturally:

In today’s date, sex power is the major problem which arises rapidly in our youth generation. And for its an improvement, our youth generation is taking medicine, tonics, etc but there are so many side effects of taking this kind of meditation. So, here we will discuss the natural way of increasing SEX POWER without taking any medicine. Let’s discuss some points:

• Today, the lack of sex power remains a major problem in the world. The world is forced to resort to drugs like Viagra. Side effects of these drugs are also coming up. Our great Indian mystics have also diagnosed this problem through Ayurveda.

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• Men should first pay attention to their health. If a person wants to remain alive until full age, then he should continue to eat nutritious substances and nutritious ingredients. Every man wants that his virginity is never less and he also preserves much of it. But now there is no need for anyone to go to the doctors, keep these things in meditation.lovely kissing couple

Amla is a mine of properties and produces disease-resistant capacity to fight all kinds of diseases. This is a wonderful source of Vitamin C. In one amla, 20 times more vitamin C is found than oranges. From Ayla, Ayurvedic chemistry of Ayurvedic chemistry is made, which is beneficial in all types of diseases.

Increasing the ability to add honey and almonds or raisins together with milk, it is very beneficial to drink daily. By eating almonds, raisins, and manuka, it also benefits.

The man who wants to increase his virginity should sunbathe him. By doing so, they can increase their strength. They say that vitamin D from sunlight increases pruritus. But in this also it is worth noting that always take the morning sunlight as it contains ultraviolet radiation equal to no.

• In British research, it is believed that by consuming almonds and pistachios daily, men get rid of this problem and their sexual capacity increases. This is the reason that from the Indian civilization to the Roman civilization, the newly married couple on the first night of marriage is consumed with almonds, pistachios, and milk.

• Early in the morning i.e. before sunlight and after drinking fresh water, take a bicycle after waiting for some time and leave for about ten kilometers and then return 20 km cycling, keep a gap in the middle.

• Eat green vegetables and peeled lentils with Chapati. Take chapati butter or cream. Use plenty of salad in the food and eat onion, garlic, and ginger balance.

Proteins and vitamins prove to be very helpful in increasing their capacity. That’s why you should take protein foods in your diet, which will also add to your body. You take a high amount of protein.

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