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Qualcomm Introduces new Low-Power Bluetooth SoC and audio technology

American chipset manufacturer Qualcomm has introduced the new Bluetooth SoC. They come with new audio technology and a Hybrid Active Noise Cancellation feature.

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Qualcomm New Audio Technology

American chipset manufacturer Qualcomm has introduced True Wireless SoC for audio devices. The company has launched QCC514X and QCC304X processors with new audio technology. 

The company had been working on both these chipsets since last year. These processors can be seen in wireless audio devices launching in the coming few months. The QCC514X is designed specifically for premium Bluetooth audio devices. At the same time, the QCC304X is designed for low and mid-range audio devices.

Image Via: GSMArena.com

Both these processors are successors to previous variants QCC5100 and QCC30XX. These were launched a few years ago. The new audio processor has been equipped with new technology.

They come with features such as true wireless mirroring and hybrid active noise cancellation. Talking about the True Wireless Mirroring feature, the primary connection of the source device can be seamlessly switched to any earphone. Due to this, any earphone can be used without any interruption. Any headphone that has a strong connection in it will be made the primary headphone automatic.

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The new chipset processor also supports the hybrid active noise cancellation feature. It also has an Always-On Voice Assistance Activation feature. Because of this, users will get a better experience.


The advantage of active noise cancellation will be that users will hear the natural sound which is equipped with a transparency features. Users will be able to use voice assistants without pressing any button. For this, the user just has to give a voice command.

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Audio devices will also get better battery life experience in the new chipset processor. Users can get up to 13 hours of battery backup. The new chipset processors come in a compact size, due to which the charging case can also be pocket friendly. The size of the recently launched Samsung Galaxy Buds + has also been seen to be quite compact. (Qualcomm New Audio Technology). 


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