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Pregnancy Sleeping Tips | Trouble Sleeping While Pregnant

Bath with warm water before sleeping. Doing this removes body fatigue and brings good sleep

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Every woman has a dream to become a mother. This is the most enjoyable feeling, but often during pregnancy,Trouble Sleeping while Pregnant. most women pass through some physical problem. Sometimes the swelling of the feet, then the problem of vomiting ever. Sometimes the increase in blood pressure – the problem is always troubled by the problem of not having to sleep during the night. If sleep will come good, then do not feel tired all day long. Feel full of energy. Good and complete sleep keeps your child healthy too. we are going to discuss about Pregnancy Sleeping Tips.

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During pregnancy, there are many changes in the body of women that affect their health. During this, there are many changes in women’s hormones that affect their daily routine. The result of these changes is that sometimes pregnant women feel nervous and uneasy. In such a situation, they do not sleep at night, which can have direct effect on their child.

Follow these Pregnancy Sleeping Tips:

  • Listen to light music before sleeping. It keeps the mind calm and sleeps well.
  • Do not sleep for long after the third month of pregnancy. Keep moving in a little while. Try to sleep for long periods of time. In this way, blood circulation is fine with gold.
  • Just a few hours a day, but keep eating something. The empty stomach jumps from living.
  • Bathe with lukewarm water before sleeping. Doing this will remove the body fatigue and you will get good sleep.
  • Take a light meal at night. Do not eat spicy and fried foods to avoid acidity and indigestion.
  • Exercise light exercises to stay healthy. This will reduce your foot pain and cramps and sleep well in the night.

Follow these Tips Trouble Sleeping While Pregnant:

  1. Maintain a regular sleep/wake cycle. Prioritizing sleep is key in getting sleep. Making sure that you’re going to bed and waking up at the same time every day (including weekends) goes a long way in feeling more awake and alert during the day.
  2. pregnant yogaExercise regularly. Unless your doctor advises against it, regular exercise should be done at least 30 minutes a day. Getting out any pent up energy through exercise will increase circulation, improve mood, and help you fall asleep easier at night. However, no vigorous exercise should be done too close to bedtime. If you prefer to workout later in the day, some light exercises such as yoga are recommended. Pregnancy Sleeping Tips
  3. Cutback on fluids at night. It’s very important to stay hydrated during pregnancy, but to help reduce late night trips to the bathroom avoid drinking large amounts in the hours leading up to bedtime.
  4. Avoid Spicy Foods and heavy meals before bedtime. Eating spicy foods before bedtime can increase the chances and severity of heartburn at night. Eating heavy meals before bedtime makes the body work harder during sleep to digest your food, distracting it from working on the repairs your body needs for the next day’s activities. If you’re feeling hungry close to bedtime, try eating a light snack such as a banana, crackers and cheese, or a small bowl of cereal. Trouble Sleeping While Pregnant.
  5. Sleep on your left side. During the third trimester of sleep it is recommended that expecting mothers sleep on their left side. This increases the flow of blood and nutrients to the fetus, uterus, and kidneys. Also, try to avoid sleeping on your back for extended periods of time.
  6. Use pillows. Special pregnancy pillows can go a long way towards nighttime comfort. Another pillow tip to reduce back pain is to lay on your left side with hips and knees bent and place pillows between your knees, under your abdomen, and behind your back.
  7. When having trouble sleeping get out of bed. If sleep is alluding you, don’t lie in bed willing it to come. Get out of bed and do another relaxing activity such as reading, writing, take a warm bath, or any other relaxing activity before returning to bed.
  8. pregnant sleepTake short naps during the day. For the most part, naps are usually advised against as they tend to disrupt regular sleep cycles making going to sleep at night more difficult. However, studies have shown that napping while pregnant can prove beneficial. A poll by the National Sleep Foundation found that 51% of women reported at least one midweek nap and 60% reported napping on the weekends. However, if you choose to nap make sure they’re no more than 20-30 minutes long, and don’t nap too close to bedtime. Some Interesting Facts: Do You Know Some Cool Facts

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