Masturbation – Is it Safe? Cause of Masturbation Addiction

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Cause of Masturbation Addiction: You must heard about MASTURBATION. It is just natural and very common thing that every men and women does in their regular life. It is very common and natural thing. In our society MASTURBATION is considered very bad as just like a crime.Some people believe that masturbation results in loss of body or thinness in the penis. One opinion is that masturbation does not cause any kind of weakness in the body. Today we are going to discuss full details about masturbation & sexual activity.



Masturbation can be simply defined as the act of touching your own genitals for sexual stimulation and it is perfectly normal and it is a healthy way to learn about your own body. It is a healthy sexual activity. The main thing you must know that masturbation is okay if it doesn’t hurt your relationship.masturbation

What is Masturbation Addiction?

Ahh! Make yourself a little distance from the social domain and your friends alone in the room alone, at that moment, you also give your sensual desires, too, in the most unknown ways. Yes! We are talking about the addiction of masturbation. That ends itself as a disgusting, continuous habit! Although this does not seem like this, but this habit begins to rise to the alarming level, in which you are actually deprived of those external pleasures and enjoyments which are actually going on in that outer world, and themselves are lonely, lust and Believe in destruction (loneliness, lust and disgust).addiction on masturbation

Cause of MASTURBATION Addiction

Simply put it – it’s all in the brain! Masturbation promotes the release of certain hormones that naturally provide sexual gratification and an sense of satisfaction. Now, it becomes addictive because people are so attractive to pornography that they ignore real-life grace, or they lack dehydration and alternative sexual activity, lack of normal sexual activity, or As an alternative to them, take masturbation and related (false) satisfaction and satisfaction. Mental and social pressure.Pregnancy Sleeping Tips

cause of masturbation addiction

Some people may need lower level hormones for their sexual satisfaction, and thus they find masturbation more comfortable. Thus, in this self-witted paradise of lustful imaginations and self-loathing satisfaction of passionate fantasies and self-disgusting saints, they get temporary comfort in the area of ​​their very limited and trivial existence, through which the real world Worries and happiness come out!

Is Masturbation harmful ?

Masturbation is a common practice, so the question of being harmful or profitable does not arise. Men, women and animals everyone masturbates. This is a common procedure.
During sexual intercourse, the penis which performs the action in the vagina path, during masturbation,it does the same action in the hand. While masturbating, the palm is bent in the form of vagina. The action of entry and exit of the penis is exactly the same as in vaginal during sexual intercourse.

Do women also do masturbation ?

Not only men but women also masturbates Women masturbate with their vagina by rubbing with fingers or any other object such as cushion, corner of the bed etc. or movement of finger or any other object in the vagina.

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Masturbation female
Women also experience the same extreme pleasure as masturbation, as men The only difference is that there is no substance like semen from the body of women.

What are the symptoms of Masturbation Addiction?

Well, it is not difficult to find out. If you suddenly urge a nap on the strange moments of loneliness; If you are tempting to play with your genitals in those happy nights, and if you can not control them but these are controlled by a sudden race, then when addiction is done! ! However, it is said that masturbation can sometimes help to calm down the occasional sexual energy rush, or help people easily identify their sexual orientation, then None of these also justifies the Masturbation Addiction.masturbation symptoms

Is Masturbation related to IMPOTENCE ?

It is also an illusion that if masturbation is done in a young age (childhood or adolescence), then the person becomes weak or impotent. In reality, masturbation is done at any age and in any way, it does not have any effect on the person’s body, coitus or reproduction ability.

Indeed, this superstition is propagated by some aayurved doctors. They propagate masturbation started from an early age by saying ‘Childhood Mistakes’. Their selfishness is that the person fearing consumes special ‘prescriptions’ made by them. Many times it happens that the person surely suffers from falling into the condition of these aayurved doctors.

Just like having sex, it does not get impotence, even if it does not get impotence on masturbation. It is a misconception that masturbating becomes sore or nasty.

Is there any relation of Masturbation with the enlargement of Penis ?

There is also the illusion that masturbation results in vaginal penetration in the penis, but there is no bones in the penis nor muscles, so in the penis, curvature, obliquity, or tilt towards top or bottom is not feasible. Masturbation is also a matter of misleading propaganda and scandalous weapon.enlargement of penis
On the other hand, there is no adverse effect on mating with gender as there is no adverse effect on the development of sex due to sexual intercourse.

Do the testicles hang from masturbation ?

Masturbation does not have any adverse effects on the development of testicles. The development of the testicles depends on the hormone formed in it, not on masturbation. Masturbation does not adversely affect the size of the testicle. The reason for sticking or hanging away from the testicles body depends on the temperature of the external environment.

Since a certain temperature is necessary for the full development of sperm, then the testicles come closer to the body when it is more cool in the atmosphere. In a more hot environment, they hang away from the body.

Treatment of Masturbation Addiction

Like all addiction and habits, there are also effects and side effects. Signs of important nutrients, vitamins and minerals (Scores of vital nutrients, vitamins and minerals) are dried under the drain or wrapped in tissues which are disposed of. Your immune power takes a strong jolt and you are left slightly weak except for some remorse (in some cases).treatment of masturbation addiction

So, prevention is always better than treatment – many people who have joined the ‘no fap’ online community and themselves in ‘self-pleasure’ Are committed to not join, and have focused on this! By which these logos have increased access to the focus, stamina, high confidence level and sex (focus, increased stamina, high confidence levels, and even easy access to sex)! If you are currently fap-free, remember that you have it, and do not reduce your quality! Do not get involved in the random joy of enjoying through the grace of others and fantasies. Be with your true self.

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