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Jio Gigafiber Plans And Packages | India’s Cheapest Plan | Free Amazon Prime And Netfilx Service

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As we all know that on this day i.e. on 12th August 2019, there is a 42nd AGM Meeting ( Annual General Meeting) and today Reliance Jio has announced many updates regarding Jio Gigafiber Plans And Packages, Jio Broadband, Jio Set Top Box, First Day First Show Movie and many more. So, here we are going to discuss each and every detail. Jio Gigafiber

Jio Gigafiber Plans And Packages 100Mbps Fastest Internet Service From September 5, 4K TV and Set-Top Box Free in Welcome Offer

In Highlight:

• Video conference, multiplayer gaming, calling will be free from Jio Fiber
• The price of the plan will be from Rs 700 to Rs 10 thousand a month.
• In 2020, the company will launch First Day First Show Service for the released movie.

Reliance Industries Limited (RIL) today announced the launch of Jio Gigafiber Plans and Service at it’s 42nd Annual General Meeting (AGM). It will be launched officially on September 5, the third anniversary of Jio. The company’s CMD Mukesh Ambani was also present with Akash Ambani and Isha Ambani. Akash and Isha also gave some demos related to this service. The maximum downloading speed of this service will be up to 1Gbps. That means it will be the fastest internet service in the country.

Average Speed 90MbpsJio Fiber Average Speed

Mukesh Ambani said that the average speed of Jio Gigafiber will be 90Mbps. The company’s Jio based plans will start from 100Mbps to 1Gbps (1000Mbps). That is, users will be able to download 90MB of data in 1 second at the average speed of Jio Fiber. The company has done a speed test of Jio Fiber in about 5 lakh homes before launching. Its live speed test was done during the event with the download speed reaching 1Gbps.

Jio Gigafiber Plans And Packages
Jio Gigafiber Plans and Packages

Jio Gigafiber‘s high-speed internet plans and packages will be the cheapest service in the world. The company says its global rates will be 1 / 10th. The monthly price of the Jio Gigafiber Plans and Packages will be from Rs 700 to Rs 10000. Users will have to pay for only one service, after which all services related to Jio Fiber like video calling, video conferencing, movie, smart device connectivity, home security, landline phone, and other services will also be free. On this, the company’s OTT application will also be available for free.

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Services Related to Jio Gigafiber Plans And Packages

For this service, such a set-top box will be provided by Jio, on which channels will be able to watch with the help of the internet. It will support high-speed internet. This voice will be enabled. The special thing is that you will be able to play a movie, music or other videos on a TV with the help of command even while away.Service Related to Jio Fiber

With the help of Jio Gigafiber‘s high-speed internet plans and packages, users will be able to make video calling or video conferencing from TV. Live video conferencing was also shown during the event. In which the family of Jio Member, their USA friend, and a local friend were connected. All of them were connected through TVs, laptops, and tablets. That is, Jio Fiber Service will also work on all these devices. The company says that it is also the first home video calling service in the country.

With the help of this passive online gaming can also be enjoyed. Akash Ambani showed a multi-player football game with his friend during the event. In which he scored in the first minute. During this time the game was very smooth and its graphics quality was also great.

First-Day First Show Movie ServiceJio first day first show movie service

Reliance is also about to launch its first-day first show service in mid-2020. With the help of this service, people will be able to enjoy the film released at home. That is, when a movie is released in the theater, then you will not need to go there for it. However, no details were shared about how this service would work.

Jio Gigafiber Plans And Packages Welcome OfferJio Gigafiber Plans and Services

In the welcome offer of Jio Gigafiber Plans and Packages, customers will be given 4K set-top box free with HD and 4K television. For this, customers have to take a Jio Annual Plan. For this, the company has not given information about the minimum amount to be paid.



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