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First of all Many congratulations to all of us in India’s 73rd Independence Day. Today, on this occasion I am going to share with you some Interesting Facts About India which you might not know. So, without wasting time lets start

Let’s Discuss Some Interesting Facts About India

First Interesting Facts About India is that “who Decided The Date For Independence Day”?independence day date

First Interesting Facts About India is that India became independent on 18 July 1947. But India’s Last Viceroy and the First Governor-General decided that India would be granted independence on 15 August. Because on this date exactly 2 years ago, Japan surrendered Allied Force on World War 2. Therefore they decided, India will be given independence on 15 August 1947.

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Which is the only Material That Can Be Used To Make An Indian Flag?Indian Tricolor

Another Interesting Facts About India is that we know a lot about our tricolor. But according to the Flag Board of India. According to the Flag Board of India 2002, only the tricolor made of Khadi can be hoisted.

Not only this, but you will also be surprised to know that only KKGS ( Karnataka Khadi Gramodyoga Samyukta Sangha) has the license to manufacture the entire Indian flag and supply it across the country. That’s mean only the small village of Karnataka is Official Manufacturer And Supplier of Indian National Flag.

The tricolor is waved at the Red Fort and India Gate, the tricolor which uses the Indian Army and the Indian Navy and the Indian Airforce, which is installed in government buildings are all supplied by KKGS and more than one crore flags supply it every year.Indian Flag

If the tricolor of any other cloth is hoisted here, it is a punishable offense and can be punished and imprisoned for 3 years.

How Many Other Countries Celebrate Their Independence Day on 15th August?independence day

The most important and one of the Interesting Facts About India is that not only does India celebrate Independence Day on August 15, but there are four other countries that celebrate Independence Day with us. Apart from India, South Korea, the Republic of Congo, Bahrain, and Liechtenstein are the four countries that celebrate Independence Day with us.

How Many Countries Has India Invaded Till Date?interesting facts about India

India never invaded any country, this is our record for the last thousand years. This is the most beautiful and Interesting Facts About India and one of the lesser-known and interesting facts too that no one knows.

Was India A Republic At The Time of Independence?facts about India

The other Interesting Facts About India is that it is a republic country, but in 1947 we did not get republic status, we got a republic state in 1950. That is why we celebrate our second big festival on 26 January 1950 i.e. on Republic Day.

But what was the state of India from 1947 to 1950? In this 3-year duration, India was a Dominion under the British Common Wealth of Nations in which King George VI was the head of state.

According to the Government of India Act 1935, which was made by the British, we did not have our own constitution, Dr. BR Ambedkar, who constituted a constitution committee inside Dr. Rajendra Prasad, became a Republic India. And finally, from 26th January 1950, we officially became the Republic of India.

How great our India is, so many diversities we have and are so good that our facts will never end.

I felt like sharing some Interesting Facts About India with you on the occasion of Independence Day.