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Stay Safe at Home, To Meet Your Needs #HumSabEkSaath

These e-commerce companies are bringing essential goods to the people during lockdown

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#HumSabEkSaath, The whole world is going through a difficult phase and India is not untouched by this. The country has never seen such an environment where they are forced to live at home so that they stay safe and healthy. On one side, people have set the example of solidarity by staying at home, considering social distance as a real and effective weapon, on the other hand, there are those warriors who stand firmly in the field to help us.  Deliver in India, #TogetherForIndia

These include doctors, nurses, police, people who deliver food and medicines to the people. We should salute the soldiers who are not only protecting us from the virus but also providing our needs on time.

#HumSabEkSaath #TogetherForIndia ImageCredit: Amazon

It is a time of crisis and everyone should contribute with full responsibility to get out of this crisis so that everyone has a heart that #HumSabEkSaath is with India.

Such solidarity has also been shown by Amazon, BigBasket, Grofers and MedLife. All these e-commerce companies are ready to meet the needs of the people in this difficult time together. You can also see their solidarity in this video –


The purpose of these e-commerce companies coming together is to meet the needs of the countrymen living in their homes so that they can remain safe and sound. For this, they have fielded their warriors. These warriors are engaged in your service day and night and are bringing the goods of need to your home. HumSabEkSaath

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This includes food, medicines, and other items. The Indian people have shown solidarity with the spirit of #HumSabEkSaath Hai whenever a crisis has arisen on this earth. The present situation is also like this. COVID-19 is an enemy that we cannot kill with a gun or a bomb. We can end it only if we follow the social distance guidelines and stay at home.

If you want to meet your needs, the warriors of Amazon and other e-commerce companies are always ready for this. HumSabEkSaath


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