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Human Sexuality – Amazing facts about SEX

Human sexuality is the way people experience and express themselves sexually.

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Human sexuality is the knowledge of sex is equally important, as much as knowledge of other topics. In our country, sex education is not given to medical colleges, resulting in sexual superstitions, misconceptions, and related problems. Read out below amazing facts about sex and much related to this.human sexuality

Discuss below Human sexuality

If sex education is given at the right age, serious and endangered illnesses such as adolescent motherhood, unwanted pregnancies, sexual crimes, secretive diseases, and AIDS can be avoided. Along with sex-related problems such as guilt arising from masturbation, impotence, dream diarrhea, metallurgy and the size of the penis can easily be freed from various misconceptions.human sex

Important points related to SEX

• On the question of the right age for sex education, there is a need for a nationwide debate on this subject but considering the changing environment and the curiosity of youth, sex education can be given from the 9th-10th standard because of 13-14 years Physical changes in boys and girls are arises.

By getting sexual education, boys and girls will not be disturbed by their physical changes, will not think negatively and will take physical changes easily and become responsible citizens. He said that unfortunately, there is no open discussion on the scientific and logical aspects of sex in our country. Talking on this subject was also considered bad.sex related tips

• Will sex education not be used in boys and girls? On this question, they say that this is an illusion. Arguing in favor of his answer, Naval says that records of Sweden, Norway, and other countries show that after sexual education, there is less interest in using sex, and with the correct information, all those curiosities will calm down.

Unsatisfied women take divorce in sex

It is very important for men to give satisfaction to women during sex otherwise it will create huge problems in your married life or may come to an end of your relationship.

• The social structure is fast changing in India these days. There are also open discussions on sexual matters these days. Mixed sentiments like anxiety and fear about openness and sex in the changing society are visible. In India, there has been a study of the cases of women being divorced by their husbands, whose results are shocking.sex education

The biggest reason for divorce in India is impotence. This has been revealed in a new study. Studies have said that divorce in India is between 20 to 30 percent of the divorce sex satisfactorily. Most women get sexually divorced due to not being satisfied.

• In India, the ‘Alpha One Androgen Group’ and doctors resolving men’s sex problems have studied this study jointly. Under this, around 2,500 Indian men suffering from erectile dysfunction or impotence were studied.
In the study, 50 percent of men were found to have erectile dysfunction after age 40, and 10 percent of men were affected before the age of 40.sex knowledge

A study conducted on 2,500 men suffering from erectile dysfunction found that one in five out of five men got divorced due to physical health, and one in 10 men’s marital life reached the brink of collapse. According to the study, people’s understanding of impotence compared to other diseases is very bad and it is handled incorrectly, as a result of which marital relations are broken.

According to the study, married couples make sex an average of 58 times a year or one or more times in a week. Due to diabetes, the risk of developing erectile dysfunction is highest, and the biggest reason behind this is high blood pressure.

Amazing facts about SEX that will blow your eyes

• The person who has sex two to three times a week increases their disease resisting capacity.

• During sex, 85% of men who died of heart attacks are men who are deceiving their wives.amazing facts about sex

• For those who are complaining about insomnia, there is nothing better than sex for them, because there is good sleep after sex. According to the research, this sleepwalker is 10 times more effective than other medicines.

•  20% of men enjoy oral sex, while 6% of women find it only a part of the foreplay.

•  The trend of oral sex is growing rapidly in the 12-15-year-olds in America and the fun thing is that they do not consider it to be a sexual act.

•  25% of women think that men become sexy with money and money.

• The beard of men who have more sex increases sharply.facts about sex

• Latex condom’s average life is 2 years.

•  Women reading romantic novels can enjoy sex more than women who do not read novels.

• From doing sex, it reduces stress and headache.

One time masturbation reduces 100 calories of men.

• The person who is addicted to alcohol is more rejected by women.

• During sex, the beard of man increases more rapidly than normal condition.

• Good sex is the best medicine for good sleep. It is 10 times more effective than original medicine.

Hope so you read all the amazing facts about sex for express themselves sexually.

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