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Most Enigmatic Facts About the Human Body and Brain | Interesting Facts About The Human Brain

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Today we are going to discuss some amazing human brain facts Vs Human Body which really gives you goosebumps. You think that you know everything about your brain. But in recent research and studies, some amazing facts about the brain and your body came out which will really give you a heavy shock. So, without wasting any time, let’s

Top 12 Human Brain Facts Vs Human Body:

1. Brain Neuron Communication Speed

Brain Neuron Communication Speed -Human Brain Facts Vs Human Body
Human Brain Facts Vs Human Body

As we know,  in our brain, one neuron contact with another neuron. If we measure the speed, it comes at 400 km/h which means one neuron in our brain contacts with another neuron at the speed of the bullet train. Electricity continuously running inside our brain and we are not a little bit of awareness of it.

2. Number of Chemical Reactions in Your Brain Every Second

Chemical Reactions in Your Brain -Human Brain Facts Vs Human Body
Human Brain Facts Vs Human Body

Did you know, in every second there are 100000 chemical reactions takes place in your brain? Yes, you heard it right. 100000 chemical reactions every second. You are alive because of that. If one of the chemical reactions stop working then you will die.

3. Blood Travels Thousands of Kilometers Per Day

blood circulation in human body - human brain facts
human brain facts

You must have heard this many times that Blood circulates in our body from up to down and from down to up which makes us alive. But did you know, blood covers how much distance? If we measure this distance then shockingly it comes out that blood travels 19,312 km per day in our body which means it covers the distance from India to the USA per day. Isn’t it shocking?

4. Brain Storage Capacity

Brain Storage Capacity - brain facts vs human body
brain facts vs human body

Your eye is 576 megapixels. But did you know that your Brain has 2.5 PB of storage ( Peta Byte)? 1000 GB means 1 TB and 1000 TB means 1 PB. That means you can store information in your brain up to 2.5 PB which is virtually Unlimited. Normal people don’t even use Half PB and in reverse scientist and many genius people use up to 1 PB of storage. But according to study, until now is used 2.5 PB of storage of the brain.

5. Total number of Heartbeats in a DayTotal number of Heartbeats in a Day

Did you know, your Heartbeats 1,15,200 in a day and it is scientifically proven. Really, it happens so many times but we never concentrate on this.

6. You Spend 5 Years of your Life in DarknessLife in Darkness

You blink your eyes. Right ? But when you blink your eyes you must have noticed that it creates darkness for very short interval of time which is less that 1 second. If we calculate the blinking of our eyes of our whole lifespan (which includes your past blinking of eyes and future) then it comes out that you spent 5 years of your life in darkness.

7. Speed of SneezeSpeed of Sneeze

You sneeze everyday. But if you observe your sneeze in slow motion and if we measure it then it comes out hoping 160 km/h. That’s why during sneeze, cover your mouth otherwise it will spread bacteria everywhere.

8. You have more than 5 Senses senses

If we look through science, then we have more than 5 senses in fact we have 20 senses. Some of them are :

9. Number of Bacteria in Your MouthBacteria in Your Mouth

There is a whole universe of bacteria inside your mouth and you don’t know this. And if we count all these bacteria which is present in our mouth then it comes nearly 700 crores bacteria which is equal to the whole population of this world. Isn’t it amazing?

10. Blood GroupsBlood Groups

If I ask you that how many types of blood groups then you will say there are maximum 8 types of blood groups such as A+, O+, B+, AB+, A-, O-, B- and AB- which we heard this many times. But  ISBT (International Society of Blood Transfusion) found nearly 29 types of blood groups.

11. Your Ear will keep Growing forevergrowing of ear

This is one of the most amazing facts. Your nearly all parts of the body and especially your height stops growing when you have grown up. But your Ear never stops growing. It will continue growing in shape with your age.

12. You Become Taller in the MorningYou Become Taller in the Morning

Did you know, when you wake up in the morning your height is 0.4 Inches increases than your actual height. During walking at the day or doing your work time it feels the weight in our spinal. Due to this it little bit compressed and as evening comes to your height shorten to 0.4 inches and when you sleep at night, then no vertical weight feels in your spinal. Then those spinal starts expanding. That is the reason when you wake up in the morning, your height is 0.4 inches taller than your actual height. I hope you like Human Brain Facts Vs Human Body

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