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How Twins Are Formed | How to be a Mother | The Correct And Easiest Way To Conceive

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How Twins Are Formed?

Often you will hear about twins. Many people also like twin children. Along with this, there is also a curiosity in the minds of people why and when twins are there. Many myths are also prevalent behind the birth of twins. There are some scientific reasons for this. Many more curiosities about twins remain in the minds of people. Today we will tell you why, when and How Twins are Formed.how twins are formed

There are two types of twins

1. The first is Dizygotic, which is different from each other, ie fraternal twins.

2. Second monozygotic ie an egg / integral twin. They look exactly the same.types of twins

Dizygotic Diazigotic twins are formed when a woman fertilizes a sperm from two different men’s sperm into two separate scrota. By this, 2 different eggs of 2 different sperm are formed in a woman’s womb. These twins are made into a one-time sexual act of woman and man.

A new ovum/scrotum is produced in the ovaries of females every month, while male sperm are numerous. Incidentally, sometimes 2 scrotum also forms naturally in women, in which 2 babies of 2 different sperm are born. These babies are born at a small-time difference. Because these twins are in different eggs, they are separated from each other. Their habits and appearance do not match each other.

Monozygotic When a woman is pregnant with a male sperm in her scrotum, and when the sperm divides into 2 cells in her scrotum, then the woman has twins. Because it is due to the splitting of sperm into two parts in an egg, the appearance, stature, and nature of these children are the same.twins baby formation

This is also the reason for twins

Genetic Causes If twins have been born before in your family, then it is very likely that you too have twins. If you are a twin to your siblings, your chances of having twins also increase. However, such a possibility is based on the mother and her family.

Height and weight – Height and weight also sometimes become big reasons for having twins. According to a study published in the American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology, women who have a BMI of 30 or more are more likely to give birth to twins. In addition, tall women also give birth to more twins.pregnancy

Age of the mother – It has also been revealed in several studies that as the age increases, the chances of having twins in women increases. As age increases, there is a decrease in the formation of follicle stimulating hormone, which plays an important role in releasing egg ovaries for ovulation. In such a situation, as the number of released eggs increases, the chances of having twins also increase.

Birth control pills – Contraceptive pills are useful to prevent pregnancy, but its intake also increases the chances of a twin baby. Actually, when you stop eating the pills, you may have different hormonal changes in the body during any early cycle, due to which you are more likely to have two pregnancies while eating these pills.

IVF – IVF i.e. in-vitro fertilization. In the IVF process, the egg fertilizes outside the body and is subsequently injected into the uterus This is a helpful process, so you may have twins due to IVF.

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