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HarmonyOS Huawei | Huawei vs Android | Complete Details About This New Operating System

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HarmonyOS is a Huawei‘s upcoming open-sourcemicrokernel-based (similar to QNX) harmony Os operating system being developed by Huawei HiSilicon. Unveiled on 9 August 2019, the platform is designed primarily for the internet of things (IoT) devices.

It was originally speculated to be a mobile operating system that could replace Android on future Huawei devices.harmonyOS

Huawei’s ‘HarmonyOS’ will compete with Google’s AndroidHuawei harmonyOS open source

On Friday, Huawei Technology introduced HarmonyOS to compete with Google’s Android. It is believed that this operating system will one day reduce Android’s dependence on American technology by replacing Android. On the occasion of the launch of Harmony OS, Huawei Consumer Business CEO Richard Yu stated that the operating system is compatible with smartphones, smart speakers as well as sensors.

Significantly, Huawei was banned in the US a few months ago. Only then did the company say that it would launch its operating system. Huawei was blacklisted by the US on charges of espionage and put on the entity list. After going into this list, companies do not have the license to do business with American companies. This case has been going on since December last year.

Huawei launch its own operating system after getting a ban by the US companyhuawei harmonyOS

Ever since the US move, the company was expected to launch such an operating system. The company announced this operating system at the Huawei Developers Conference 2019. However, during this time the company made a presentation of its operating system in the Chinese language and no picture was used for it.

The company’s own operating system will not be present in smartphones and will only be used in its TVs and other products. It is being said that after 2-3 years it will be available for smartphones.

Some time ago the US administration had asked local companies not to do business with Huawei. After this, Google and its partner Android refused to update Huawei’s new mobile phone.

First update in Smartphone and Smart TVhuawei new operating system

Huawei’s HarmonyOS operating system will be first introduced in smart televisions and smartphones. After which it will be made available in another device, but this work will take 3 years.

Richard explained that the HarmonyOS operating system is single software, which can be easily used on smartphones, laptops and other devices with more memory and power, as well as smaller hardware.

Huawei HarmonyOS Operating System All DetailsharmonyOS based on microkernal

Harmony OS is the company’s new OS based on MicroKernel. This means that it will use the least amount of resources, ensuring that the operating speed is fast. It is open-source and comes with TEE (Trusted Executive Environment) for better security across devices. HarmonyOS operating system has an arc compiler, which supports all major languages ​​including C /, C ++, Java, JavaScript, and Kotlin. During the keynote, Richard stated that HarmonyOS can replicate Android, but currently the company will use Google’s software only on its smartphones for users and for Google’s app portfolio.

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harmonyOS new operating system

Even after this, if there are more problems, then users will be able to transfer to the company’s new operating system. In terms of app support, HarmonyOS will support all Android apps as well as HTML5 and Linux. HarmonyOS aims to move beyond Android to become a global operating system in the future. Huawei will make Dev Kits available to its partners so that they can start building compatible apps immediately and speed up the process of implementing the new operating system.

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