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Google Doodle Games | Google Introduced Halloween Game Doodle | Check Out Here How To Play

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Google Doodle Games: Google Introduced Halloween Game Doodle

Google Doodle Games:  In this difficult time of lockdown due to Corona virus, Google has launched its popular game series to keep people at home. So far, many games have been introduced under this series through Doodle. These include very popular games like cricket and coding. The company has been offering a new game Doodle every day for the last few days and in this series Halloween Doodle has been made, which is a popular 2016 game. Explain that Google’s main purpose behind doing this is to motivate people to stay in homes. Also, through these games, users can pass their time and they will not have boredom. So the company is running the Stay Home Stay Safe campaign. Google Doodle Games

Talking about the Halloween game, it was first introduced in 2016 and even today people will enjoy playing it. It is also very easy to play. The special thing is that everyone can play it from children to elders.

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Google Doodle Games: How To Play Halloween Doodle Game

Google Doodle Games: To play a Halloween game offered as a doodle one has to click on the play button.  The game will start as soon as you click the play button. In this game a cat is surrounded by ghosts and you have to save it from the ghosts. For this, you will be given some instructions in the middle of the game, which you can kill the ghosts by following. Google Doodle

In this game the cat has to escape from the ghosts with the help of magic spell. In it you will be told how you can cast a spell with the help of a mouse. As you cast the right spell, you will advance in the game. The graphics of the game are also going to give great experience during your gaming.

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