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Dark Season 3 Review | A Mind-Boggling And Satisfying Finale You Don’t Want to Skip | Netflix Originals

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Dark Season 3 Review: A Mind-Boggling And Satisfying Finale You Don’t Want to Skip

Dark Season 3 Review: The best way to enjoy Dark is to not read or watch anything about it before it actually hits Netflix as spoilers may dilute your fun. So don’t worry, there aren’t any spoilers ahead.

Well, the last season left us with a pondering note, “The question is not when it is what world” and season 3 is the answer to it. It picks up from the last finale when Martha Neilsen from an alternate world arrives at Jonas Kahnwald’s house to save him from the apocalypse. On his quest to fix the ‘glitch in the matrix’, Jonas reaches the other Winden and discovers that Adam isn’t the only one who’s tampering with time, space, and apocalypse in the endless cycle of cause and effect.Dark Season 3 Review

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He learns that his actions not only affect his world but a parallel world as well. This is the simplest thing that you’ll see in the entire season because hereafter begins a web of complicated timelines in a multi-dimensional world.

‘The last cycle’ of the German show on Netflix is a mind-boggling mix of thriller and romance with a backdrop of nuclear holocaust and a tragic love story. Dark draws its strength from the journey of its characters. We already know what a character’s fate is, still you can’t help but think about the possibilities.Dark Season 3 Review

Dark Season 3: More Complex Than Second Season

Dark Season 3 Review: The second season further complicated the plot and introduced other such Daedalian kinships. The overarching conflict can be inferred as a clash between a certain old man called Adam and an old woman called Claudia, but of course, it is more complex than that. There are so many characters and plot threads in this show that it is hard to follow each one of them without losing track of a few.Dark Season 3

That is the prime joy of watching Dark, the intellectual stimulation obtained from unraveling its intricate story and making sense of its characters and mythology. The finale of the second season introduced the concept of parallel worlds. And while Dark’s final season does not deliver on every single thread, it does provide an overall great culmination to the story.

Dark Season 3 Has A Sense Of Mysterynetflix

The shift between the timeline, the versions of the characters, and the world itself ropes in a sense of a grand scheme and an epic story that covers over a hundred years. The show also draws parallels from the Nordic and Greek mythology with symbolisms like the Ouroboros, which signifies the transmigration of souls, and Triquetra, a Nordic three-cornered knot, which signifies the existence of a trinity, instead of duality. Season 3 has a sense of mystery that has been present since the first episode of season one.

WRITOP: 4.7/5 (A Must Watch)


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