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Covid Toes | Covid-Toes Is A Strange And New Symptom Of Corona Virus Infection | Know Here What Is It?

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Covid Toes: Covid-Toes is a strange and new symptom of Corona virus infection

Covid Toes: Before the corona virus epidemic Dr. Lindy Fox, a skin specialist in San Francisco, had barely 4 to 5 patients a year who had swollen feet and toes during the winter season. And they also used to complain of pain. However, in the last few weeks, he has seen a dozen such cases.

Swelling and pain in fingers

covid toes

Fox said that suddenly there are patients who complain of swelling and pain in the toes. For the past few weeks our clinic is full of such patients. Even these are people who have never experienced swelling or pain in the feet and fingers of hands before. Dr. Fox also said that this problem is not seen in this season. It occurs in cold or damp conditions when small blood vessels become inflamed and pain also begins. Which is often in the winter season.

However, Dr. Fox is not the only doctor who has experienced this problem. Many dermatologists in Europe and America are nowadays discussing a new type of symptom to identify a corona virus patient. In March, some dermatologists in Italy came across some patients who had swelling and burning sensation in the legs. Also, the color of his toes was also changed.  

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Covid Toes: Frostbite-like Discomforttoes

Covid Toes: It resembled frostbite, which is found in people who live in places where winter falls. It involves swelling of the blood vessels in the toes and severe cramps in the toes. This condition is being called Covid-Toes. This is because the same people are complaining to people who came from a place in Italy where the outbreak of Corona virus was reached at a terrible level. 

Frostbite can be a symptom of corona virus

Now, the same situation of Covid-Toes is also seen in a city like Boston of America. Children who are complaining of Covid-Toes, now the US dermatologists are advising them to get corona virus test done. 

Common symptoms of corona virus were not seen in such children in Italy. There was a lot of debate among skin and medical experts about the relationship between this condition and the corona virus. 

Symptoms of Coronavirus

Corona virus infection became epidemic because it thrives in patients with Covid-19, who do not have symptoms. Health workers around the world are treating people who are suffering from the corona virus, but the real challenge is to identify patients who do not show signs of the disease. 

Sudden loss of smell and taste or redness of eyes, now comes in unusual symptoms. The abnormality is because dry cough, fever, sore throat, tiredness and difficulty in breathing are common symptoms of corona virus. 

Coronavirus L-Strain

Covid Toes: There are still many such things about the corona virus, which humans do not know, because this infection is new to us. Even its symptoms like fever, cough, sore throat and tiredness are symptoms of many other diseases. The most common of these is fever, which clearly means that there is something wrong with the body. 

It is also possible that the symptoms of the corona virus are uncommon at the moment, they will become important to identify this infection in the months and years ahead. The World Health Organization has already warned that this infection will be with humans for a long time to come. 

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