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Coronavirus Vaccine | Will The Coronavirus Vaccine Come Soon? | How Long Will The Corona Vaccine Be Made?

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Coronavirus Vaccine: Will The Coronavirus Vaccine Come Soon?coronavirus vaccine

Coronavirus Vaccine. So far, nearly two lakh confirmed cases of corona have been reported worldwide and around 8 thousand people have died. This corona virus, which started from the Chinese city of Wuhan, has now become a serious threat to the world. In view of the increasing fear of Corona, vigilance has also been increased in India. Now there is a ban on aircraft passengers coming from different countries. In the midst of all this, let us know what the corona virus is, its risks and cures.

What is Coronavirus?coronavirus

The corona virus is a large group of viruses that can cause normal breathing in humans, from severe breathing problems. The virus is named after its shape. This virus can infect both animals and humans simultaneously. This virus is related to animals and may have come to humans through meat cell hole market, poultry firm, snakes, bats.

How Dangerous Is This Virus?COVID-19 Test

Health officials around the world are cautious about this virus and are advising people to be vigilant, but the exact information about how dangerous this virus is has not been found so far.

Coronavirus Vaccine: What Is The Treatment?

Coronavirus Vaccine. In the early times, due to lack of more information about this virus, its treatment is not available soon. Till date, no vaccine has been made to avoid this virus. Medical personnel in many places in India are treating patients of Corona virus with medicines for HIV and H1N1 swine flu. Which has also been successful in many cases. tests
Information about this virus and its infection methods is available, but despite this, no treatment has been found so far.Doctors in many countries, including the World Health Organization, are working to find a vaccine to deal with it. 

Coronavirus Vaccine: How Long Will The Corona Vaccine Be Made?corona vaccine

Coronavirus Vaccine: Doctors who have researched this virus say that they have made the vaccine and started testing it on humans. Four volunteers were vaccinated for its first vaccine at the Kaiser Permanente Washington Research Institute in the US on Monday.
However, this is only the initial part of the research, which was to find out how much this vaccine will work and whether it is safe or not. Even if this research proves effective, it can still take 12 to 18 months to start production on a large scale. 

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