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Coronavirus Prevention | Prevent Your Children In 5 Ways From Constantly Touching Their Face? |

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Coronavirus Prevention: How To Prevent Your Children From Constantly Touching Their Face?coronavirus prevention

Coronavirus Prevention: COVID-19 means Corona virus is wreaking havoc in India along with countries around the world. Especially since the news of Kerala’s 3-year-old girl suffering from corona virus has been reported, panic has increased among parents. Medical consultants are constantly saying that wash your hands several times and keep them away from your nose and face so that you can protect yourself from any kind of infection.coronavirus tests

However, preventing children from touching their noses or faces is a difficult task. Except for children, even, many adults are finding it difficult not to touch their face and mouth. If you also want to keep your child away from infections, then we have brought for you 5 ways that will help you in this.  

1. Coronavirus Prevention: Interrupt The BabyInterrupt The Baby

It often happens that children are unaware of the habit of touching their faces. Like elders, children have to be restrained to prevent them from touching their face again and again. Whenever he does this, tell them. Gradually, he will get used to it and he will take care of it. 

2. Always Keep Tissue Close

Coronavirus Prevention. Always keep a packet of tissue with your child and teach them to use it while sneezing or coughing. Teach them if there is itching on the face, then scratch it with the help of tissue. By doing this, the risk of infection of the child will be greatly reduced. 

3. Coronavirus Prevention: Distract Their Attention With HandsDistract Their Attention With Hands

If the child’s hand is empty, he will definitely touch his face. Give a fidget spinner on hands to keep them engaged. Apart from this, if children are still putting their hands on the face, then they can also wear gloves. 

4. Prevent Their Hair From Getting In The Facehair on face

Children’s hands often go to the face to remove their hair. So keep in mind that short hair is so small that it does not fall on the eyes or if there is big hair, clip it back. When the hair does not come on the face, the hands of the children will also be reduced on the mouth.

5. Make Sure That Children Wash Their Handswash hands

Coronavirus Prevention. It is not possible to prevent children from touching their faces. Instead, pay attention to the fact that their hands are always neat and clean. Encourage them to wash their hands every few hours, especially when they return from public places. In this way, even if he touches his face every once in a while, at least his hands will be clean and the risk of catching the virus will be reduced. 

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