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Coronavirus Pandemic | What Does Community and Local Transmission Mean? | India’s Condition Due To Coronavirus

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Coronavirus Pandemic: What Does Community and Local Transmission Mean?coronavirus

Coronavirus Pandemic: The Indian government has not yet confirmed the community transmission of corona virus, but if experts believe it can be announced at any time. It is believed that community transmission has started.

Coronavirus Pandemic: What is Local Transmission

Coronavirus Pandemic: The second stage is local transmission, that is, infection spreads locally, but these are people who have come in contact with some infected person who has returned from traveling abroad.

What Does Community Transmissions Mean By Transition?coronavirus pandemic

‘Community transmission’ occurs when a person comes without directly coming into contact with an infected person or traveling to an infected country. In easy language, during this time it becomes difficult to find out how the infection is. Community transmission now means that the virus is spreading in a community and it can also infect people who have never met outside the country or someone who is suffering from it. 

Coronavirus Pandemic: India’s Condition Due To Corona virus corona vaccine

Coronavirus Pandemic: Almost all the cases found in India were those whose travel history could be traced. However, there were some cases in which it became difficult to understand how the person became infected. For example, a 20-year-old hairdresser from Rampur was found infected with the corona virus. In this case, experts believe that this may be a case of community transmission.  

It is also important to remember that testing in India has progressed slowly. Most experts believe that more cases have not come to light in India because not enough people have been tested here.

India Has Taken These Stepsoutbreak

India was the first to cancel all trips to and from China. However, when the corona virus cases began to spread to the rest of the world, India banned all flights and visas.  

Let me tell you that around 4 lakh people have been found infected with the corona virus so far and more than 16 thousand people have died. At the same time, the number of people infected with the corona virus in India has reached close to 500 and till Tuesday evening 9 people have died due to COVID-19. So far, a total of 23 states in India have received corona infection patients.

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