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Coronavirus Myths And Facts | The Answers To The 10 Most Prominent Questions Related To Coronavirus

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Coronavirus Myths And Facts: Here Are The Answers To The 10 Most Prominent Questions Related To Coronaviruscoronavirus myths and facts

Coronavirus Myths And Facts: There is an outcry all over the world regarding the Coronavirus. The World Health Organization (WHO) has already declared it an epidemic. At the same time, after the knock-in India, the government has advised no one to go abroad, even the visa of all foreign players for IPL has been canceled till 15 April.  

In view of the increasing infection in Delhi, the Delhi government has also declared the coronavirus an epidemic and closed all government schools, colleges and theaters till 31 March. So far, a total of 76 people in the country have been found infected with corona, including 59 Indians and 17 foreigners. While an Indian man has died in Bangalore from Corona.

In such a situation, today we are going to tell you in detail about Corona.

1. What Is Coronavirus?

Coronavirus is a virus that can make animals and humans sick. It is an RNA virus, which means that it breaks into cells inside a body and uses them to regenerate itself. The coronavirus is spreading in Wuhan, China like never before. Experts believe that the coronavirus comes from a family of viruses that infect humans, cattle, pigs, chickens, dogs, cats and wild animals.

coronavirus myths

Until this new coronavirus was identified, there were only six different coronaviruses to infect humans. Four of these caused a mild common cold disease. However, since 2002, there have been two new coronaviruses that can infect humans and make them seriously ill.

2. How Does This Virus Spread?

Coronavirus Myths And Facts: This disease can spread to people only through cough and sneeze, this means that this virus can be easily transmitted to anyone. Apart from this, it can also spread through close contact, kissing or sharing utensils through saliva. Because it infects the lungs, the droplets released from the mouth while coughing can also infect the person present.

3. What Are Its Symptoms?

Symptoms begin to appear at least 14 days after becoming infected with the virus. Patients with coronavirus usually show initial symptoms such as cough, sore throat, difficulty in breathing, fever. If not treated in time, it can also turn into pneumonia.   

4. How Important Is It To Wear An N95 Mask? coronavirus facts

Coronavirus Myths And Facts: The person should not wear a mask that is not sick or who does not have a cold cough. If you have a cold or a cough, you can wear a mask so that it does not spread to others.

As for the N95 mask, it is meant for those who are in contact with the patient or taking care of the patient in the hospital. Such people need to wear N95 masks.

5. How Much Distance Should People Take?

Because the range of infection of coronavirus is 2 meters, if you meet someone by making a distance of two meters, you do not have to be afraid. 

6. Does Alcohol Cause Infection?alcohol

Coronavirus Myths And Facts: Such reports are absolutely baseless, in which it is said that alcohol kills the coronavirus. Its use only and only in sanitizer is beneficial.

7. Is It Safe To Eat Non-Veg?

The coronavirus is not spreading by eating non-veg, but a rumor is being spread that non-veg increases the risk of infection. It is important to keep in mind that the meat is well cooked and not raw at all. Mostly, infections are caused by eating raw. Yes, to avoid any other infection it is necessary to keep a distance from non-veg.

8. There Is No Relation With Temperature

The virus is spreading in hot countries like Singapore and also in cold countries like Italy and South Korea. In winter, this virus can stay for a long time, but if we adopt all the ways to prevent infection, then we can be safe.

9. Its Vaccine or Treatment?

There has been no vaccine or medicine regarding the Coronavirus yet because it is a new virus. Due to social media, there is more fear of this disease. The death rate of coronavirus is only 2 to 3%, that is, 98% of people are cured.

10. How To Avoid Corona Virus?wash hands

– Wash your hands thoroughly with soap. If there is no soap, use a sanitizer

– In case of sneezing or cough, cover your nose or mouth with a tissue and then throw it in the dustbin.

– Do not touch your nose and mouth with dirty hands nor eat anything with dirty hands.

– Stay away from sick people. Do not use their utensils and do not even touch them. This will keep both the patient and you safe.

– Keep the house clean and clean the things coming from outside and bring it into the house.

– Avoid visiting public places and crowded places.

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