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Coronavirus Effects on Mental Health | Corona Virus Will Have Long-Term Effects On Mental Health!

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Coronavirus Effects on Mental Health: Corona Virus Will Have Long-Term Effects On Mental Health!

Coronavirus Effects on Mental Health: A global team at the University of Wales, Australia, researched the long-term effects of the new corona virus i.e Covid-19 on mental health. The purpose of this research is to track the long-term effects of the corona virus on the mental health of thousands of people from pregnancy to old age.Coronavirus Effects on Mental Health

Coronavirus Effects On Mental Health: Two Types Of Psychological Stress

Coronavirus Effects on Mental Health: This pandemic is having the effect of two extreme psychological stresses on everyone’s mind: first the existential threat and second the social isolation. The team hopes to involve around 3000 people from Australia, the UK and the US in this research, which will assess the mood before and after the epidemic. As well as their cognitive functions in the coming months and will be used to track social network.effects on mental health

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Focus will be on these

The special focus of this research will be on pregnant women and adolescent children. It will remain on two such groups which are considered to be more weak and isolation has a very poor effect on them. “The corona virus epidemic has drastically changed the lives of all people, so it is difficult to know how long its effects are going to last,” said Dr. Suzanne Schweizer, chief investigator of the research.coronavirus
The research team is concerned that the impact of social isolation will remain in this group for a long time to come. Prolonged school-college closures will also affect their cognitive development. Especially in the US and UK where schools are closed, or Australia, where the lives of young people have changed drastically.
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