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Android Q (2019) Features and Interesting Things – You Should Know Everything About Android 10

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Android 10 Features:  It is the tenth major release and the 17th version of the Android mobile operating system. It was released on September 3, 2019. The latest major update was introduced as Android Q at Google IO 2019 but has been officially rebranded as Android 10. 

We discuss everything about the next big Android operating system update, Android 10, which has been publicly released as of September 3but only for Google Pixel phones at first.

android 10 writop
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Cut to the chase

  • What is the Android Q? It’s the next version of Android
  • When can you get Android Q beta? Download Android Q beta 3 now
  • When will Android Q launch in full? Probably August
  • How much will the Android Q cost? It will (assumedly) be a free update.

Android 10 release date

  • March 13: The first Android 10 developer beta has launched
  • April 3: Android 10 beta 2 gave us bugs fixes and app bubbles
  • May 7: Android 10 beta 3 launched at Google IO 2019
  • Early June: The final incremental update, beta 4, land in June
  • July: Beta 5 and beta 6, release candidates, land this month
  • September 3: The public version is released – though not all phones get it on launch day

Android 10 has been officially released, but that doesn’t mean it’s available for all phones just yet. Each OEM must develop their own version of the update for each phone and work with carriers to release it, which can take months. Don’t be surprised if your handset doesn’t get Android 10 until 2020.

Below is a full list of all the phones that have Android 10 thus far.

  • Google Pixel 3 / Pixel 3 XL
  • Google Pixel 3a / Pixel 3a XL
  • Google Pixel 2 / Pixel 2 XL
  • Google Pixel / Pixel XL

Android 10 Features (2019):

We’re getting a better idea of the new Android 10 features to come thanks to the beta of Google’s mobile operating system. Additional features and bug fixes have come with all the beta releases up through the sixth and final beta that came out in early August.

Some of the changes are confirmed, while others remain rumors. Here’s what you can expect ahead of the official Android 10 release date in August. HarmonyOs Huawei Vs Android, Complete details

android q
Image Credit: TechRadar

Let’s know what is the new feature in Android Q operating system.

1. Privacy and Permissions

Google has focused most on privacy in this new operating system Android Q. In this, users will be able to decide which apps to give permission to which data.

In all the mobile operating systems launched until now, you were able to control only the permission of the location. Now you will have control over all the apps.

2. Foldable Phone Support

You have heard about the foldable screen mobile phone. Google has also designed this new Android Q operating system for foldable smartphones from Samsung and Huawei smartphone maker companies.

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3. Sharing Shortcut

Through this new operating system, users will be able to easily share data in any other device. For this, users will get features like sharing shortcuts. Apart from this, services like Camera, Connectivity, Gaming, and Neural Network API will also be available.

4. Device Location

Users will be given more control when apps get the location. With this, the app will work only when it is running or in the background all the time. User can allow viewing apps location anytime.

5. System-wide screen recorder tool

With the help of this system white screen recorder tool feature of Android 10, the user can also record the screen content of their mobile. With this process, he can also record his voice over and share it.

6. Downgrade Support

In the operating system till now, you must have seen the option to upgrade the application only. But now you can also downgrade apps to Android 10.

7. Emergency Shortcut

This new operating system will also include a new Emergency Button. Which can be accessed from Power Menu. Through this, the user will be able to make emergency calls in a short time.

8. Notification Management

An advanced version of Notification Management Mechanism may come in Android Q operating system. The feature of Manage Notification can come in place of Manage.

9. Dark Mode

Nowadays Dark Mode is coming in all Apps. Dark mode feature will be available in Power Safe Mode in OS.

10. PiP Mode

Users can get PiP mode in the new OS. Just as in Samsung phones, many apps can be run simultaneously on a small screen, in the same way, other phones can also be run.

11. Screenshot Notch

If you remove the screenshot, then your notch will also come in it. By the way what was needed but it has support in Android’s new operating system.

12. Desktop Mode

Android 10 is coming to desktop mode. It is also being talked about, not much has been said about it. Therefore, it did not say much about it.

Many new features are introduced by android. But I don’t want to take your too much time for the existing features just in Android Q modify on these features. If you interested to know then do a google

How to Install Android 10 in Your Smartphone?

How to Install Android 10
Image Credit: Gadget Hack

Right now you can install Android 10 Beta version only in Pixel smartphone. For this follow the following steps.

  1. First, you go to google.com/android/beta
  2. After this, enroll for Android beta program.
  3. After enrollment, you will get a notification, saying that your system is ready to upgrade.
  4. After that, the install option will come. Click on it to install.
  5. Reset your smartphone after installing.
  6. After this, Android Q Beta will come in your smartphone.

If you want to go back to your Old Version operating system then you can go to the Android Beta website and click on Opt-out option.

After this, you will have an update in the next 24 hours. After this update, you can reset your smartphone. After resetting, the old version will come on your mobile.

” In this post, we have shared about what is Android 10 or Q, what are the new features in Android Q operating system.

Hope you will like this information, so now if you use Google’s Pixel smartphone, try Android Q and try and enjoy it. ” and don’t forget to share and join the telegram group.


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