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Amit Bhadana Story / Amit Bhadana Youtube Journey (Life Introduction of Amit Bhadana): Hello Guyzz, There is a flood of YouTubers in India at the present time, and making a different identity in all these creators is a very difficult task in itself.

amit bhadana youtube journey
Amit Bhadana Youtube Journey

Facing all these difficulties in the YouTube world, a simple boy from Uttar Pradesh, Noida, “Amit Bhadana”, which is today India’s largest YouTube creator. Amit Bhadana has laughed all India through his whimsical Vines.

Amit Bhadana Story

At present, Amit Bhadana has 15 million subscribers, which are increasing with time. Do you know how this simple looking boy made a YouTube sensation? Do you know what is the background of amit driving, and how did their YouTube Journey begin? If you do not know, then through this article we will introduce you to Amit Bhadana’s YouTube Journey.

Amit Bhadana Biography

Full Name – Amit Bhadana
Birth – September 7, 1994, Noida, (Uttar Pradesh)
Father– Narendra Bhadana
Education – Graduation in Law
Workbench – Indian YouTube Creator
Nationality – Indian

Amit Bhadana Earlier Life

Amit Bhadana was born on 7 September 1994 in Noida Uttar Pradesh. His father’s name is called Narendra. Amit’s family business is agriculture. He got his early education from the school of Yamuna Vihar, Delhi. Amit always had some shy children, but his senses of humor were amazing. They always used to cheat people by cheating Joke.

They were counted among the school’s most funny kids. In the days of school, Amit used to do Joke Crack. After schooling, he chose Law for further studies. After completion of graduation in advocacy, he tried his hand in YouTube as a funny Viner before starting his career in advocacy. His superb domestic style brought comedy and hard work and he climbed the ladder of success.

Amit Bhadana Career

Amit wanted to become an advocate in the initial times, for this he also completed graduation in advocacy. But Amit’s fate was approved only for some. Amit had a passion to do good things since childhood, that is why he used to make funny fun dubbing videos of some scenes of films and upload them to social media. One such funny video became viral on social media.

For a long time, the growth on his channel was very less. But he continued to make videos without losing any consistency. Meanwhile, in May 2017 one of his videos became viral and since then Amit Bhadana’s life changed completely. At present, Amit has 15 million subscribers on the YouTube channel, which is growing steadily over time. (Amit Bhadana Story)

Amit Bhadana writes scripts for his own videos. His friends cooperate fully with him in shooting the video, and Amit himself edits the video. The result of his hard work is that today Amit Bhadana is one of India’s biggest YouTube creators.

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How the journey of making funny videos started on YouTube

Amit made the first funny video and put it on Facebook. A few days later, people liked it very much. Everyone has requested that Amit should make more videos. Initially, Amit did not want to face the camera.

He was a shy and shy nature. He did not want to show his face in the video. But his friends encouraged him and Amit made another video. This video was uploaded on February 18, 2017.

This video was liked by millions of people But some said that Amit should pay attention only to the education of his law. He writes the script of his videos on his own and edits himself too.

In every video, there are good speakers who speak a lot of dialogue which is very tempting to the youth. Amit Bhadana’s Border movie dubbing video received more than 30 lakhs on YouTube.

Amit Bhadana Income

He earns 5 to 7 lakhs per months with his YouTube channe Amit Bhadana. Everyone feels very like their country’s funny fantasy. Currently, Amit has become a very rich person. He never tells about his income. Nobody thought that this indigenous boy would become one day bigger and social media personality.

Amit Bhadana famous Dialogues

Kaam Karuga Thoda Thoda
Kaise Ho Raha Hai Tu Bhai Pe Choda !

Super Man Toh Suna Hoga or Batman
Me Unka Phupa Desi-Man !

Working Progress Par Hai Body
Ghar Se Lekar Aaya Hu Audi !

Dudh Ki Bhar Lo Balti
Aaj Tumhara Bhai Dega Party !!

Video Ke End Kya Aata Hai ? Blooper
Tera Bhai Hai Class Ka Topper !!

Sawan Aaya Jhumke
Parpose Marege Ghumke !

Mat Kariyo Friend’s Zone
Paas Hai Mere iPhone!

Toffi Khale Tu Eclear
Mujse Achaa Na Koi Player !!

10 ke 2 Aate Hai Samose
Aaj Ka Mera Result Hai Apke Bharose !!

Sakal Hai Tumhari Mawali
Lekin Gadi Tumhe Jarur Chlani !!

Aree Kyu Ho Raha Hai Udas
Jab Tera Bhai Hai Tere Pass !!

Beshak Dikhne Me Hu Main Loffer
Lekin Hu Main CBSE Topper !!

Tere Bhai Ko Dekh Kar Machal Gayi
Khusi Khusi Me Chat Se Fisal Gayi !!

Mana Sakal Se Hai Harami
2-4 Hamme Hai Kharabi

Gharan Me Beshak Na Mare Paint,
Lekin Gadi Pe Na Lagne Dete Dent !!

Ye Chota Sa Lala
Yahi To Hai Tere Bhai Ka sala

Dil Me Gaye Ho Chaa
2 Bache Karege Suresh or Mahesh
Kya Banna Chahogi Unki Ma


Har Kaam Ki Surawat Khatarnak Hoti Hai !


Padai Jaruri Hai Par Logo Ko Apne Talent Ke Hisab Se Hi Kaam Karna Chaiye


Jo Chiz Aap Kar Rahe Ho Ya To Usko Bahut Ache Se Karo Ya Fir Usko Toch Mat Karo Chahe Wo Koi Bhi Chiz Ho !!


Aapke Ander Jo Talent Hai Wo Bahar Aana Chahiye !!


Aap Apni Success Se Ek Step Piche Hote Hai Ek Step Lekar Dikho Or Usme Successful Ban Jaoge !!


Arey bhai ye to jindagi ki sabse badi jang hai, Angreji mein apna hath tang hai.


Amit Bhadana Net Worth, Salary, and Income

Initially, Amit joined YouTube with his self-titled channel on 24th October 2012, but it did not make any impact till 2015. In 2015, he uploaded his reply video of Adele’s song on his Facebook profile which was an instant hit followed by his next video dubbing of Eminem. According to SocialBlade, his YouTube channel ranks on 296th among YouTube channels and his growth of subscribers has been outrageous.

amit bhadana net worth
Amit got an award after passing one million subscribers

As per SocialBlade, Amit’s channel amassed 40k+ subscribers on a daily basis from 6th September to 11th September of 2018. As of 2018, his channel, ‘Amit Bhadana’ has more than 10 million subscribers, and his videos have been watched for over 600 million times. According to the report, he earns from $188 thousand to $3.8 million yearly. As of 2018, Amit’s net worth is estimated at $2 million. (Amit Bhadana Story)

Dating, Girlfriend, or Married?

Amit is a YouTube sensation who rose to prominence overnight as he got 50k+ subscribers on his YouTube channel overnight. He is a rising YouTuber in India and is focused on building his career in YouTube rather than hanging out with girls.

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