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Amazing Facts about LOVE That Will Seriously Make Your Heart Smile

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Amazing Facts about LOVE: What is Love! Keep your heart safe, it is very fragile. Some small things and events leave a deep impact on this. To keep a precious stone together, a gold and silver layer has to be given. In the same way, the knowledge and wisdom layer of wisdom keeps your heart connected to Divinity. There is nothing better than Divinity to keep mind and heart clean and health. Then the passing time and the events will not touch you or you will not be able to give any wounds. psychology of love

What is the psychology of love?

Love, for some people, is that emotion shared between two individuals, involving a deep connection and intimacy. When they hear the word, they immediately think “romance”. … That is what is called the psychology of love.

what is love

When someone expresses a lot of love, then you do not understand how to react or express gratitude on him often. The ability to get true love comes from giving or sharing love. On the basis of your experience as much as you are focused on it, you can understand that love is not just a feeling, it is your eternal existence, no matter how much love is expressed in any form, you find yourself in yourself. Amazing Facts about LOVElove

Types of LOVE

There are basically three types of love :

1. Attraction

2. Affection

3. Deep Love

ATTRACTION : This type of love is focused only on body language. Which attracts only one’s body. In this kind of love, testosterone chemical is released in your brain and it is equal in chemical males and females.love attraction

love affection
Amazing Facts about LOVE

AFFECTION : For this stage the chemicals of dopamine and nonapinophine are responsible. These two chemicals are important enough to play roll, it does not sound like bad, the thoughts of the partner in 24 hours come to mind and most of the time passes in the memory of their boyfriend or girlfriend.

Deep Love : This stage comes after our attraction in life. When a relationship lasts for a long time, humans can not stay in the stage of attraction for a long time, but the relationship that runs for a long time creates feelings in them and it is associated with many feelings. This is the feeling that encourages two humans to live together and live family life. At this stage, we have chemical releases called oxytocin and vasopressin, which help us to lead a social life. This whole concept is also called science of love

Chemistry of LOVE

Scientists believe Robert Fiert that, when a person is in love, then there is a special chemical release in the mind of the person who is known by feniel ehial enima. This chemical indicates a person to ignore the mistakes of his partner and he gets the highest level. Actually these chemicals are already in our brains, but the amount of this chemical increases slightly in the mind of the person lying in love. Interestingly, the level of this chemical is not always the same and after 2-3 years it starts to subside, and after about 4-5 years it has no effect.love chemistry

LOVE Psychology

According to phychologist arthar auran, there are many other things that are important to love, and the EYES are one of them. A experiment was done in which some men were asked to look for some 90 minutes in a few women’s eyes without having to say anything and after 90 minutes they attracted each other and the 4 couples who got involved in this experiment got married Had also done Perhaps this is what we call love of first sightlove psychology

LOVE at First Sight

Actually love at first sight in us can be seen by anyone if he likes our eyes. Scientifically, the first look of love is done in 3 – 7 seconds, but that is just the attraction, not a true love. First sight love is mainly due to beautiful faces, beautiful body or beautiful eyes, because we can see very little information about anyone by just seeing it once and for so much information true love.love at first sight

Amazing facts about LOVE

1. It takes only 4 minutes to find out if he likes it in front of him or not.

2. Due to falling in love, it has the same effect on the mind as it is by consuming cocaine. Perhaps that is why love is called an addiction.

3. When you afraid from inside by falling in love with someone,that we call ”Philophobia”

4. According to science,when you hug someone,it affects your nervous system as a Painkiller

5. According to the scientific survey, a beautiful face is considered more attractive than the good lady.

6. As soon as you fall in love, you start away from 2 friends

7. Putting a romantic relationship with someone is a mental illness called an obsessive-compulsive disorder.

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