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Amazing facts about BRAIN | Conscious and Subconscious MIND

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Amazing facts about BRAIN: The human brain is the central organ of the human nervous system, and with the spinal cord makes up the central nervous system. The brain consists of the cerebrum, the brainstem and the cerebellum. It controls most of the activities of the body, processing, integrating, and coordinating the information it receives from the sense organs, and making decisions as to the instructions sent to the rest of the body. The brain is contained in, and protected by, the skull bones of the head.what is brain

These amazing things of the mind will surprise you

Unconscious puzzle is HUMAN BRAIN

The human brain is probably one of the most strange productions of nature. On this very own mind, people have traveled from the Stone Age till today even today. It is said that humans can only use only four to five percent of their brain; the remaining 95 percent of the brain remains untouched. Many of the mysteries of the human brain still remain an abusive puzzle for scientists, with many mysteries left to cover the curtain. Let’s find out these amazing facts related to the brain in this slideshow.unconscious human brain

How long does the MIND grow?

The fact about the brain is that your human brain grows up to 95 percent by the age of 5. By the time of the age of 18, 100 percent develops and then it stops growinggrowth of brain

Burn light by BRAIN

When you are awake, the brain gives the power equal to ten watt energy. This energy can burn  bulb. At the same time, the speed of sending brain messages is about 170 miles or about 272 km per hourlight by brain

Right-left, left-right

The brain controls all the organs of the body, you know it. But, do you know that the right part of the brain controls the left part of the body and the left side of the right part of the body

NEURON transmits messages

The information of different parts of the body reaches the brain at different speeds and through different NEURONS. But not all neurons are the same. Some neurons transmit the information 0.5 m / s speed and some 120 m / s speed at the speed of the brainneurons

Photo does not delete

It is believed that due to blinking 20 thousand times a day, we remain blind for 30 minutes a day. But in reality, in spite of blinking 20 thousand times a day, we are not blind for 30 minutes. Because the brain keeps the image of the object in such a short time. The blinking time is less than the 16th part of a second, but the brain keeps the image of any object up to the 16th part of the secondmemory power

MIND grows rapidly at NIGHT

Human brain grows rapidly higher at night than day. This is due to the pituitary gland present in a small part of the brain. This gland leaves a hormone growing at night while sleeping

Brains grow by spending

Neuron’s calculations in the brain can increase through brain activity because any part of the body that we use more often becomes more developed. Similarly, reading and speaking children’s brain development is more

Small brain large dose

The brain is only about 2 percent of the body. But it consumes 20 percent of total oxygen and blood uses 20 percent

The color of the brain

Do you know that 40 percent of the brain’s color is gray and the rest of the remaining 60 percent is white. The gray parts present in the brain are neurons that work in communicationbrain colour

BRAIN without oxygen

The brain can live without getting oxygen for about 6 minutes, but more time increases the risk of getting it damaged. The brain can not live without oxygen more than 10 minutes

Amazing facts about Conscious and Subconscious MIND

Our BRAIN is divided into two parts:

1. Conscious Mind

2. Subconscious Mind

Conscious Mind

The conscious mind is only 10% of the whole mind. In which –

1. Will Power

2. Memory

3. Logical Power

4. Critical Thinking

Conscious Mind is Active Mind, whatever is said to us or told to us, then whatever our reactions happen is due to our Conscious Mind. When you do a job for the first time, you do it with care, as if you know to drive a car, you are very scared when you are learning Driving for the first time.

When the gear is changing, when the clutch will apply and when the break is applied. Our full Focus is on the Movement. That is what we are seeing, feeling that these are all examples of CONSCIOUS MIND

conscious mind

Subconscious Mind

Some Interesting Facts: Do You Know Some Cool Facts

The subconscious mind is only 90% of the whole mind. In which

1. Habits

2. Beliefs

3. Emotions

4. Reactions

5. Strong Memory

To understand the subconscious mind, we move the example of driving the car. When we have learned to drive properly then every movement is not taken care of when driving. When the break is done, we put a break, do not notice that thing, it all becomes automatic in a way.subconscious mind

While driving the car, we talk on the phone, talk to the person next to us, break together, change gear. All this happens automatically by us because it becomes our habit and Habit is due to our Subconscious Mind. Like the habit of eating food, if we eat anything in the darkness then it will go in our mouth not in the nose

When the subconscious mind accepts something, as if the subconscious mind assumed that you have learned to drive a car, then you drive without fear. When our subconscious mind accepts anything, then it converts that thing into reality, that is the power of Subconscious Mind, whether that thing is good for us or bad does not matter. Amazing facts about BRAIN






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