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20 Amazing Knowledge Facts You Must Know

20 Amazing Knowledge Facts You Must Know

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20 Amazing Knowledge Facts You Must Know 

In today’s generation, everyone wants to take knowledge about everything. So, here we are going to discuss 20  Amazing Knowledge Facts You Must Know. So, let’s start

When and why did India and America launch an intelligence mission “Nanda Devi”?

After China conducted nuclear tests in 1964 in the Sinjian province, after which the US intelligence agency CIA and the intelligence department of India had decided to impose a monitoring device on the Nanda Devi Mountains of India to monitor China’s nuclear activities. In the year 1965, the mission of Nanda Devi was to install 56 kilograms of weights on Nanda Devi mountain, in which about 10 feet high antenna and the most egoic power generator (SMEP system), plutonium capsules, generators, two transmitters and radio vendors Antenna was included.

Interesting Facts about Andaman Jarwa Tribe


Jarva tribe is one of the tribal tribes of the Andaman and Nicobar Islands. Jarwa tribe is related to the tribe of the Negrito community. At present, this tribe lives in the western part of central Andaman and in the south of the Andaman region. This tribe has existed for the past 55 thousand years but now only 380 people of this tribe have survived.

Most Interesting Facts About Nobel Prizes

The Nobel Prize is considered to be the world’s most prestigious prize. This award includes 6 fields; Physics, chemistry, medicine, literature, economics and peace are given in the prize. These awards were started in 1901. First, 150,782 Swedish Kronor was awarded to Nobel Prize recipients. In the year 2018, Nobel Prize winners were awarded the prize money of 9, 000,000 Swedish Kronar.

11 peculiar restrictions imposed by governments around the world

Various countries of the world have banned some services, catering, and fashion according to their needs and culture. Some countries have banned jeans and some have also banned companies like Google and Facebook and Uber. Let us know through this article on which things have been banned.

Who gets the title of ‘Sir’ in the world and why?

Order of British Empire; One of the highest honors of the British Empire This is a type of order of chivalry. It was founded on June 4, 1917, by King George V. It is one of the highest honors to be received by any Commonwealth and British citizen. In this article, you will know who can take the title of Sir and why people in India can not bow their heads.

What is Emergency Brake on the train and how does it work?

Do you know that if an animal or a person comes suddenly after a moving train, how does the train’s driver stop the train, how long the train stops, what is the train’s braking system, when the braking system is in the train To know what is mandatory, let us study through this article.

What is the process of changing the name of the district in India and how much does it cost?

The appeal to change the name of any district is done by the people of that district or by the people’s representative of the district. In this regard, a proposal is passed from the state assembly to the governor. Or can it be said that in order to change the name of any district or institution, the approval of the state cabinet is necessary first?

Which fuel is used in the airplane?

The number of people traveling in airplanes is increasing day by day. But have you ever noticed that fuel used by the fuel, which fuel used in the airplane in India? How many types of fuel are there on the airplane? Let’s study this article.

Which country’s passport is the most powerful and why?

Passport is a document that is very important for traveling from one country to another. Do you know which country’s passport is the most powerful or the best and what is the reason behind it Let’s study through this article?

What is the difference between broad gauge, meter gauge and narrow gauge in Indian Railways?

Indian Railways plays an important role in everybody’s life. Have you noticed, while traveling frequently, some tracks of the railways are wide, some are less broad and some wider. Let us study through this article why there is a difference between these tracks and what is called it.

Who translates for the Indian Prime Minister on foreign tour?

We all know that Prime Minister Narendra Modi travels around the world to increase the strength of the country. Have you ever noticed that when the prime minister passes abroad, who are taken to understand the language and communicate with the foreign leaders in English. Who translates for them and with the help of which technology they can easily speak in English. Let’s study through this article.

A world where three railway tracks are used?

Do you know which three railway tracks are found in the world and what it means. What does it benefit from this? What is called by it and so on? Let’s study through this article.

Learn why the trains lie in India

Thousands of people travel in trains in India. Most people use the train to move from place to place. But have you ever noticed that many times the train is late or the trains are late in most winters. Why does this happen. What could be the reason behind this? Let’s study through this article.

Learn why passports are issued in 4 colors only?

Do you know that passports of four colors are issued in the whole world. On which basis the countries have chosen these colors for passports. What is the reason for having passports of different colors? Let’s study through this article.

What are the advantages of applying high security number plates on vehicles

Do you know about High Security Number Plates? What are its advantages, why it is mandatory to put these plates in vehicles. Let’s study through this article.

How can the e-ticket fraud in railway be stopped?

Do you know that in the year 1986, the first computer-based ticket reservation started in New Delhi and gradually the e-ticket was introduced. Now it does not read in the long lines to book tickets, it is easily done at home. But the related fraud cases are also coming out. Let us know from this article that what type of bill has been proposed to stop e-ticket fraud in Indian Railways.

Learn about the world’s first hydrogen train

Do you know about the first hydrogen train that runs in the world, where this train has been run, what are the benefits of running it, why hydrogen train is eco-friendly, how it reduces the pollution To know what kind of technology has been used in the hydrogen train, let us study this article.

Know how to decide who will be sitting in the Lok Sabha?

In the Lok Sabha chamber, seats for 550 seats have been set up. Seats are divided into six blocks, each block has eleven lines. Block number 1 which is on the right side of the speaker and on the left side of block number 6 speaker. These two blocks have 97-97 seats. All the remaining 4 blocks have 89-89 seats. Each member and minister of the Lok Sabha is allotted a seat in the Lok Sabha.

How much mileage does a plane make in 1 liter?

Everyone loves to travel by airplane and most people are using it nowadays. It transfers from one place to another, easily and in less time. But have you ever wondered what is the mileage of airplanes or how much it runs in 1 liter of fuel. Let’s study through this article.

Learn what are portable petrol pumps and what are their features?

The concept of portable petrol pump in India is new but this concept has been outdone in overseas. In India, this portable petrol pump will be installed in the company named Elin Portable Petrol Pump. You have enough 400 square meters of land to install a portable petrol pump. To set up this, you have to get Rs 90 lakh to 1.20 crore, although loan up to 80% of the bank will be available.

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